Group Medical Visits

Breastfeeding Solutions is a 90 minute group medical visit shared by 3 to 5 mothers and babies.  During the session each mother has a chance to meet privately with Dr. Jennifer Wickens for a breastfeeding medicine consultation. Eva Bild, breastfeeding educator, provides expert help with latching and breastfeeding methods. There is an opportunity for discussion and questions. 


Our Philosophy

We believe each family is unique and that parents given quality information will find the best solutions for their individual challenges.  We  support each mother in attaining their personal breastfeeding goals by providing health information based on current  credible science, suggesting practical breeastfeeding strategies, and offering  a safe, caring place to share struggles and successes


When and Where

Breastfeeding Solutons visits are free of charge for families with BC MSP. No referral is required but pre-registration is  necessary. Please use  the registration section below if you wish to attend. The program runs Tuesday mornings at Fernwood Community Centre 1240 Gladstone Ave. Families may also be referred by  their midwife, physician or nurse. 


To Register for one of our Sessions please complete all fields below.

You will receive an email confirming registration within two business days. 

Referrals are not required for Group Sessions.  Health Professionals may  also Fax a referral to 250-387- 7304 to register a client.


Breastfeeding Solutions is currently held at Fernwood Neighbourhood House, 1240 Gladstone Ave.

1240 Gladstone Avenue, Victoria, British Columbia V8T, Canada


Email - BFsolutions.ca@gmail.com

Fax - 250-387-7304

Please note we cannot offer any medical  or breastfeeding advice by email. 

The email is for registration and general information only. Confidential medical information and referrals should be sent by fax.