To continue to provide  Breastfeeding Support  in the safest way possible during the  the Covid -19 Pandemic  Breastfeeding Solutions is offering  online visits with Dr. Jennifer Wickens and our team. Visits are available by appointment, Monday to Saturday. There is no cost  for families with BC MSP. 


How, When, Where?

To book a virtual visit please complete the 'Request an Appointment' Section Below. We will promptly email you an offer of an appointment.  Phone visits are also available.   When a physical exam is required a face to face visit will be arranged.


Technology and Confidentiality

The Telemedicine platform works with your mobile phone or home computer.  There is no need to download anything or create an account . No information from the visit is stored on line. The technology meets all government regulations for virtual medical visits.  

Request an Online Appointment

To book an online visit please complete all fields below. We will contact you with an appointment time by email.

You will receive an email offering an appointment within two business days. 

 Health Professionals may also Fax a referral to 250-387- 7304.

Online Visit Tips

Take a few moments to write down your concerns and questions before the visit. 

Please have the names and doses of any medications or creams you are using available as well as baby's birth and most recent weights.

Have your baby with you or nearby. It is ideal if they are a bit hungry and are lightly dressed in a diaper and onesie. If you are using a nipple shield or other feeding aid please have that with you. 


Email - BFsolutions.ca@gmail.com

Fax - 250-387-7304

Please note we cannot offer any medical  or breastfeeding advice by email. 

The email is for registration and general information only. Confidential medical information and referrals should be sent by fax.